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Who We Are

About Heath Capital Management

We are wealth managers and financial planners who understand the trepidation many feel about investing: people know they need to do it, but don’t have the understanding or the time to do it themselves. We work to ease that burden through trust, genuine care for our clients and dedication to building wealth.

Led by Scott Heath, CFP®, MBA, Heath Capital Management thrives on working with our clients to customize wealth-management solutions based on each individual’s needs. What’s best for one client may not be best for another, and we’re experienced working with all sizes of portfolios, always working toward maximizing the principal, minimizing risk and making sure our clients understand what we’re doing and why.

We are a fee-only advisor, which means we don’t take commissions on investment products. We recommend products and strategies based on your best interest. When you do well, we do well.

Building and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients is important, because it gives you the confidence and trust you deserve and it gives us the satisfaction of seeing you realize your goals.

Contact us today to discuss how HCM may be a fit for your financial well-being.

Schwab Institutional

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. is a registered broker-dealer, member SIPC, and HCM often recommends using Schwab as the qualified custodian of actively managed accounts. This means Schwab holds your assets in a brokerage account in your name, then buys and sells on our instructions.

HCM, and thus you, our client, have access to institutional brokerage services (trading, custody, reporting and more) that often aren’t available to Schwab retail customers.

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